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Hospitality industry veterans, Max Trujillo and Matthew Weiss, get behind the scenes of North Carolina's burgeoning food and beverage culture. Hear from local chefs, sommelier's, distillers, farmers, brewers and the whole lot of them in the NC F&B podcast. 

"Our intention is to create a behind-the-scenes conversation between industry professionals. Whether we are speaking with an advanced level sommelier about their wine program or a chef about breaking down an entire pig, we just want the conversation to be real, unedited and honest. The food and beverage world is a unique industry, and North Carolina's food scene is growing everyday.

Take a listen. We hope to entertain, teach and inspire while offering some specific information about the NC food scene."

 -Max & Matt

Apr 29, 2021

As the legendary Sam Jones said, "That's some good fuckin' BBQ!" Max and Matt got to chat with the champion of the  Discovery Plus Channel's Moonshiner's Smoke Ring BBQ competition. Here's what the guys learned;

  • How a career in transportation and a conversation with U2's The Edge led to a career in BBQ.
  • It's all about...

Apr 22, 2021

Aeva Labs rapidly ages distilled liquor. Steve Guido and Zach Fearnside have invented a way to greatly accelerate the aging process of distilled spirits. Imagine you could have 10 year old bourbon in 5 days? This discussion was controversial and here's what was bantered about;

Apr 15, 2021

The gents sit down with a pillar of the Raleigh community, Tyler Helickson, the owner of Happy + Hale. Here's what they learned;

  • What does leadership truly mean?
  • When can you scale to 100 locations?
  • How to make healthy food that doesn't sacrifice flavor?
  • Where do you go to get staff in these times?
  • Why "Love is Free....

Apr 8, 2021

The guys sit down with Chef Schleiffer to talk about it what it's like to take over a Southern cooking institution such as Crook's Corner. Here's what they learned;

  • What was it like to work with Floyd Cardoz?
  • How to make food without a hood?
  • Which mayo went on the famous tomato sandwiches of Chef Bill Smith?
  • What is an...

Apr 1, 2021

Do you often crave a healthy yet filling snack? CEO of Ripe Revival Will Kornegay sat down with the guys to discuss the ways that he helps farmers by using their excess produce. Here's what the guys learned;

  • How to make a healthy protein gummy aka fruit chewable from all natural produce?
  • The fact that polyphenols are...