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Hospitality industry veterans, Max Trujillo and Matthew Weiss, get behind the scenes of North Carolina's burgeoning food and beverage culture. Hear from local chefs, sommelier's, distillers, farmers, brewers and the whole lot of them in the NC F&B podcast. 

"Our intention is to create a behind-the-scenes conversation between industry professionals. Whether we are speaking with an advanced level sommelier about their wine program or a chef about breaking down an entire pig, we just want the conversation to be real, unedited and honest. The food and beverage world is a unique industry, and North Carolina's food scene is growing everyday.

Take a listen. We hope to entertain, teach and inspire while offering some specific information about the NC food scene."

 -Max & Matt

Dec 9, 2021

Biridiana and Alondra Frausto of @fondalupitanc in Sanford, NC are one of @eater’s best 11 new restaurants in America this year! Fonda Lupita does not serve your typical Mexican fare, rather everything is made how their mom (Lupita) would make it at home (with recipes inspired by Queretaro Mexico where their mom is from). We talk about their journey in the restaurant biz and how they landed in Sanford, as well as how the Eater article has affected their business. 

Find out what Menudo is and how what's the deal with quesabirria?

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