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Hospitality industry veterans, Max Trujillo and Matthew Weiss, get behind the scenes of North Carolina's burgeoning food and beverage culture. Hear from local chefs, sommelier's, distillers, farmers, brewers and the whole lot of them in the NC F&B podcast. 

"Our intention is to create a behind-the-scenes conversation between industry professionals. Whether we are speaking with an advanced level sommelier about their wine program or a chef about breaking down an entire pig, we just want the conversation to be real, unedited and honest. The food and beverage world is a unique industry, and North Carolina's food scene is growing everyday.

Take a listen. We hope to entertain, teach and inspire while offering some specific information about the NC food scene."

 -Max & Matt

Dec 27, 2018

 If you are into food and drink, which you are if you're listening to this podcast then you like us are likely sick of weddings with crappy banquet food and a whack cash bar. Listen in as we chat with Megan Gilikin of Weddings For Real

and A...

Dec 20, 2018


Roberto Copa Matos was a bio-chemist and a political Cuban refugee. Elizabeth Turnbull born in Haiti, was/is a publisher of rare books. How did this combination end up in Durham to produce a 100% farm to table, authentic Cuban restaurant in Durham, North Carolina. Written words do not do justice to the passion,...

Dec 13, 2018

Stop buying your wine at the grocery store, here's why; when you listen to local, thoughtful and knowledgeable wine shop owners like Craig Heffley they connect you to your bottle. Wine Authorities has an intimate knowledge of their wines, that knowledge ultimately benefits you the consumer because they can find the...

Dec 6, 2018

Do you know where your coffee comes from? Do you know who your coffee comes from? Do you understand the process behind farming and making coffee beans. Matt Hohler will help you answer all these questions. Matt has built a bridge that connects you directly with your coffee. Beyond knowing where your coffee comes from,...

Nov 29, 2018

-We take a break from our typical food and beverage conversations to talk about a serious, yet sadly under-reported crime happening in restaurants all over the world: DFSA, or Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault.

-Sophia Woo, owner of, sits in as guest host as we open up the conversation to DFSA...